Gays and the Gospel

12 Scriptural Reasons for Latter‐day Saints
to Support Our Gay & Lesbian Neighbors,
Their Marriages & Families

This site is provided as a resource for Latter-day Saints and other Christians who truly want to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ regarding our Gay and Lesbian neighbors and loved ones, and their rights, protections, marriages and families.

We hope you will discover as many have, that when applied to this divisive international debate over the rights and families of our Gay and Lesbian neighbors, the teachings and example of Jesus Christ bring unity instead of division, love and compassion instead of hate and fear, calm and reason instead of panic and misunderstanding, inclusion instead of exclusion, freedom instead of oppression, and equality instead of injustice and prejudice. The key is believing and living His words.

Read more about the teachings of Jesus and LGBTIQ issues:
"Believing the Words of Jesus Christ – a Gay LDS Perspective"   (Adobe PDF, 214 KB)